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Marcia Scoville, CNM

View an interview with Marcia from the 2011 Earthwell Festival in Park City, Utah.


We specialize in natural hormone balancing, with over 10 years of experience prescribing bio-identical hormones and more than 25 years as a women’s health provider.


All for Women Health Care is the medical practice of Marcia Scoville MS CNM APRN.  Our clinic provides well-woman care, annual exams, non-hormonal birth-control, medication management, and proactive care for women of all ages.  Marcia’s gynecology visits are excellent (1 HR with provider).  These appointments are especially good for first time pelvic exams or premarital exams with counseling.


The major focus of our practice is Natural Hormone Balancing.  Marcia Scoville uses customized, compounded prescriptions with low-levels of bio-identical hormones (BHRT).  This approach to hormone replacement therapy allows her to address specific concerns for each patient.  Transdermal or topical hormones are more effective than traditional oral hormones because they enter the bloodstream unaltered by digestion/metabolism.  The receptor sites in the body recognize the molecular structure of the Estrogen (Estradiol and Estriol), Progesterone, and Testosterone because they match intrinsic hormones produced by the ovaries.


Hormone imbalance occurs in women of all ages: pre-teen through menopause.  Concerns about your period, irregular cycles, cramps, menstrual migraines, PMS mood changes, monthly patterns of depression or anxiety, sleep disturbances, weight gain and low libido can be addressed through hormone treatment.  The comprehensive personal evaluation with Marcia Scoville will also include thyroid assessment, stress management, nutrition and supplement recommendations.


We use saliva testing to quantify bioavailable hormone levels for each patient and establish a baseline prior to treatment.  These tests are processed by ZRT Laboratory.  We also retest for absorption to make sure the levels are in range and balanced on the prescription.


Marcia Scoville MS CNM APRN was part of the faculty at the University of Utah, College of Nursing, in their nurse-midwifery program.   In 2002, she started her own practice to focus on women’s health and hormone balancing.   She has over 25 years experience as a women’s health provider and actively pursues new information in the field.


After having a great experience at All For Women Health Care, patients consistently refer other women to our practice.  In addition to the clients that come to our Salt Lake City office from local Utah areas (Park City, Sandy, Draper, West Jordan, Ogden, Provo, Orem etc) we also have patients who drive from out of state to keep their appointments and hormone prescriptions with Marcia Scoville.

  • Find your Balance through Natural Hormone Therapy

    All For Women Health Care is a medical practice exclusively for women.

    We focus on unique issues of hormone imbalance and provide routine gynecological care. Our office is a calming environment for consultations that promote wellness, recovery, and life balance for our clients.

    Women have complex lives and complex hormonal challenges; our practice is designed to allow the time needed for customized, individual treatment.

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